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We know how to navigate change.

Praeses prepares you for the future by applying industry-leading technologies and development practices to drive and support your business processes and performance. Our team of development specialists solves business challenges through critical thinking and analysis, software and mobile application development, ongoing support and innovation. With our deep industry and technology experience, we implement solutions that add tangible value to your organization.

Industry and Technology Expertise

Praeses has over 30 years of experience building comprehensive solutions for companies throughout many industries, including financial services, manufacturing, shipbuilding, energy, state and local governments, law enforcement, healthcare, media, and many other industries.

What We Do

Business Process Consulting, Reengineering and Automation

Smart companies uncover areas of opportunity by regularly evaluating their business processes. At Praeses, we help clients uncover their inefficiencies and understand how applying technology can reduce time to market, lower costs, and differentiate them in their market. We incorporate philosophies and problem-solving frameworks, such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints, to heighten process performance.

Agile Software Development

The days of developing enterprise systems behind closed doors only to discover they don’t meet customer requirements until after they’ve been delivered are long gone. Praeses embraces the agile software development methodology and delivers incremental, functional software that incorporates customer feedback throughout the process to ensure our systems meet or exceed expectations.

Mobile Application Development

Today’s mobile applications must offer much more than a pretty interface and positive user experience. At Praeses, our mobile applications integrate with your company’s back-end enterprise systems to deliver value to the enterprise and your customers. Our development team engineers cross-platform solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows that link to your financial, inventory, and production systems.

Legacy Systems Modernization

Companies in many industries continue to rely on information systems developed decades ago. Over time, they’ve added systems and created enterprise ecosystems not originally intended to work together. Today, companies have a real need to update their legacy systems. At Praeses, we help clients to not only identify and choose processes and systems to replace, we also write the software to support the changes.

Systems Integration

Praeses Business Technologies offers application, information, and mobility integration services to make your business more agile – boosting your productivity and enabling informed decision-making. Using proven methods, we offer services to make the entire process more inclusive and effective for your organization. Our technology professionals provide solutions that are both beneficial and customized to your business.



SmartCAMA combines assessment administration, computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA), document management, and geographic information system (GIS) data into a seamless, cloud-hosted product. Flexible reporting options, including state tax commission-compliant reports, provide real-time decision and operational support. With all data captured, recorded and stored within SmartCAMA, an audit trail is created so that the assessor’s office can easily and accurately recreate and illustrate assessment calculations.


ShipSurveyorXT is a mobile application that modernizes and automates the deadweight survey process through digital transformation. It multiplies the benefit to both shipyards and customers by eliminating inefficient, paper-based methods. ShipSurveyorXT supports a wide variety of programs and activities and captures data in a way that makes it useful to downstream processes.


OneList provides mobile and web-enabled interfaces for real-time deckplate access to ticket data. Quickly enter, view, and close internal tickets — where and when you need it most — saving time and money. OneList allows for improved management of both TSME tickets and internal tickets displayed in one common list, combined with streamlined workflow, and near real-time access.

Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live (FNL) is the popular mobile app covering high school football. FNL uses Twitter to capture and display live updates from games across the region, provides live scores for any number of teams, allows fans to participate in weekly fantasy football matchups, tracks scores and records for local schools through individual team pages, and allows fans to vote for the Player of the Week. In addition to an unrivaled fan experience, FNL delivers value to its sponsor by providing ample space, view, and click opportunities for advertisers without deteriorating the user experience.


RESPONDPlatform is a mobile software application designed for life insurance companies to simplify the sales process, whether agents are at their desk or in the field. Comprised of four easy-to-use components, RESPONDPlatform supports new client acquisition, data capture, underwriting and collections. It ultimately helps companies to grow revenues by boosting sales team productivity, accelerating the application lifecycle, streamlining handoffs between sales and underwriting, and improving collections.

“We had a need to better manage our oil and gas leases. We asked Praeses Business Technologies for a solution. With their help, we now have our DMS, which allows our staff to better manage the leases they are responsible for. Great job… a true technology partner.” 

Chris Phillips

Phillips Energy Partners

“After endless attempts to force many existing forest products systems into fitting our needs, I knew we were going to have to pursue our own unique information management system. We chose the Praeses team and worked in partnership with them, through providing industry insight and operations specific to Snider Industries. We created a 21st century solution.”

Jill Snider Parr

Owner, Snider Industries

“Too few know you can walk down the block in Shreveport to one of the top technology teams in the country to get something built to spec. Praeses’ customer service, updating, brainstorming and designing solutions were invaluable to us and our end result. We partnered with Praeses because we know their talent and trust them. They aren’t afraid to break a sweat to meet a deadline.” 

Alan English

President and Publisher, Times Media & The Times

Ready to learn more about how we can bring value to your business?

Ready to learn more about how we can bring value to your business?

Praeses develops customized software solutions and analytics-backed services to solve workplace challenges for industry, government agencies, and correctional facilities. We provide innovative thinking and an unwavering commitment to customer service.


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