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Inmate Communications

As technologies advance and merge, regulatory pressures increase, and demands on revenue share grow, Praeses helps correctional facilities achieve a balance between emerging or evolving communication technologies, compliant rate and fee structures, and accurate recoupment of facility costs, such as accounting, administrative, investigative, operational, and/or RFP/contracting.

• 10-15% average reduction in rates and fees
• 15-25% average increase in communication transactions and commissions
• 90%+ success rate in recoupment of facility costs
• 25% + reduction in administrative burden
• Industry expertise in inmate telephones, video visitation, correctional-grade tablets, electronic messaging, inmate education, media and other ancillary products
• Compliance with government regulatory requirements

Let us show you how we can transform your communications.

Let us show you how we can transform your communications.

Correctional Food Service

Building on our extensive communications capabilities, we’ve expanded our offering to include oversight and compliance verification in correctional food services to maximize cost savings for correctional facilities.

• 10% improvement in operational efficiencies
• 25% in new revenue generating programs
• 10-20% in demonstrated cost savings
• Creating data transparency, investigating the information at the lowest level and detecting trends and anomalies
• Leveraging internally developed software utilized with inmate communications and other ancillary products

We can help you improve your inmate food services.

We can help you improve your inmate food services.

RFP/Contract Management. Reconciliation.

Managing RFPs/contracts, day-to-day activity, and validating accuracy of various reports and transactions can be time-consuming. We act as an extension of your organization and work alongside your correctional facility staff to help save time and relieve administrative burden.

• Releasing numerous RFPs and negotiating multiple contracts PER MONTH including requirements gathering, evaluation criteria, market analysis, drafting specifications, site evaluation attendance, validating offers from vendors, independent and objective analysis of all vendor proposals, drafting contract terms, implementation coordination
• Assisting with general public/inmate inquiries and investigative reports
• Managing system upgrades, vendor transitions and new process, technology and project implementations
• Reconciling of all data to validate accuracy of the information received from the vendor and ensure each transaction is rated, charged and commissioned or invoiced accurately
• Verifying compliance: PREA, FCC, attorney/inmate communication, jail standards and accreditations

Contract management and reconciliation can be challenging. Let us help.

Contract management and reconciliation can be challenging. Let us help.

“We feel much more aware and secure having Praeses on board.”

Praeses’ staff has always been responsive to our requests and professional in their service.”

“Praeses takes the stress and worry out of our procurement and contract monitoring processes.”

“Praeses goes above and beyond on keeping us informed with the latest trends and changes in the correctional industry.”

“Praeses is a valued team partner and team member.”

Praeses develops customized software solutions and analytics-backed services to solve workplace challenges for industry, government agencies, and correctional facilities. We provide innovative thinking and an unwavering commitment to customer service.


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