Government Programs


Government Programs


We apply leading-edge innovation to tackle the government’s toughest challenges.


Praeses researchers and technologists serve the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and federal civilian agencies. We deliver essential information to warfighters and decision-makers in our nation’s toughest missions. Whether it’s full-spectrum integrated C2 solutions or AI-driven analysis automation, we take a visionary approach to solving hard problems and moving our nation forward. Our mission is simple—to support the missions of our customers through technology innovation.

What We Do

Data Extraction, Management and Analytics

Complex data problems are where we thrive. Parsing source code and telemetry data. Automatically analyzing documentation to derive meaning. Fusing real-time data from disparate sources. Our team is passionate about solving data-centric problems to move the mission forward.

Modeling and Simulation

Model-based systems engineering is nothing new, but the cost and effort of developing sufficient models and tools has constrained organizations’ ability to leverage their benefits. Our modeling and simulation solutions automatically generate complex models based on existing datasets. Analysis engines pick apart the models, identifying change impacts and measuring quality of service.  And we integrate those models with industry-standard simulation solutions to link capabilities to outcomes.

Information Analysis Automation

There is no shortage of data out there. But as an organization’s ability to collect data has increased, the ability to leverage it effectively has lagged behind. How do you quickly separate the signal from the noise in a sea of information? We specialize in developing analysis automation tools and techniques that reduce massive datasets into what is important, interesting and actionable.

Data Visualization

Data visualization must go beyond charts, graphs, nodes and edges. Our systems focus on user-defined interactive visualizations with flexible controls and adjustable fidelity. Our intelligent visualizations provide context, abstraction and conceptualization to the underlying data.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks aren’t just buzzwords to us. We actively engage in AI research with leading innovators and academics across the nation, and we’re putting theory into practice to develop AI-driven capabilities for the Department of Defense.

Software Systems Engineering

Our team of technologists and systems engineers brings a breadth and depth of technical expertise to our customers’ missions. We fuse the dynamics of agile software methodologies with the discipline of enterprise systems engineering practices. Our team delivers cutting-edge solutions that are nimble, robust, scalable and extensible.

government programs

Technical Capabilities

Our team brings a diversity of expertise with experience across the Department of Defense and intelligence community. We combine the latest technologies with a deep understanding of your mission space.


Rook Platform™

The Rook Platform is the result of Praeses’ support from Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop capabilities based on the concepts of cross-domain and cross-organization data sharing. It is a series of distinct, highly adaptable capabilities that differentiate between data ingestion, data management, data access, data dissemination, and end-user tools that leverage the data. Rook Platform capabilities may be leveraged separately or as a whole, and seamlessly integrated into existing mission architectures.

Building on the Rook Platform, Praeses offers a menu of C2-centric capabilities that are configurable and re-deployable. Two of our best-known system builds are Watchtower and CURE.


Situational Awareness for Nuclear Security

Information silos abound, and decisions are being made with manual correlation of the data that resides in them. Our solutions ingest data from disparate systems scattered across the mission space, fuse the data, and provide mission operators with a mission-tailored Common Operating Picture (COP).

Command and Control for Urgent Response Environments (CURE)

C2 Solutions for Disaster Response

When a hurricane or earthquake strikes, the response is a complex coordination between local authorities, national agencies, military assets, and volunteer organizations. Critical information is spread across systems on many networks and in many information repositories. We have designed a Cross-Domain Data Broker that allows ad-hoc coalitions to share real-time data across unintegrated systems, perform analysis, execute Command & Control workflows, and provide situational awareness up to decision makers and down to responders in the field.


Modeling and Analysis of Complex Software Systems

The fastest way to understand a complex software system is to have an expert explain and whiteboard it out for you—abstractions and details rendered based on the current context, and details defined as needed. We’ve created a series of capabilities that parse, analyze, and model systems for you… automatically. Engineers quickly get a high-level view of what a system does, how it works, and how independent systems interconnect. Fidelity can be scaled up and down, abstracting away irrelevant information and providing deep analysis of information pertinent to the current task at hand.


Machine Learning Applications in Radar

The development of Radar Cross Sections (RCS) suffers from error contamination in the form of birds, bats, uncompensated movement, wind, and RFI. The Praeses team has proposed a solution that leverages Multi-Layer Neural Networks with Multi-Valued Neurons (MLMVN) to detect, classify, and perform impact analysis on error sources, distinguishing them from the target data and ultimately segregating the error contamination from the target in the RCS data.


Metadata Extraction and Distributed Processing for Telemetry Systems

Large telemetry datasets such as IRIG are parsed, converted into a new structured data format for distributed processing, and metadata is extracted for the purposes of data discovery. Our system provides an analyst a view into what data is available to drive new querying and analysis.


Digital Twin/Digital Thread Ecosystems

Digital Twins are digital representations of real-world objects for the purpose of analysis and simulation. Digital Threads are how an organization can trace a system from concept all the way through sustainment. We are on the forefront of developing powerful Model-Based Systems Engineering concepts that are not limited to a single domain space, but are able to broadly scale from software systems to UAV sensors to warship manufacturing.

Praeses partners with leading thinkers across the industry and academia to deliver outstanding results.

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Want to learn more about how we can revolutionize your mission?

Want to learn more about how we can revolutionize your mission?

Praeses develops customized software solutions and analytics-backed services to solve workplace challenges for industry, government agencies, and correctional facilities. We provide innovative thinking and an unwavering commitment to customer service.


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