Introducing the Rook Platform™


Introducing the Rook Platform™


Praeses brings technology innovation and engineering excellence to U.S. government agencies. From the Department of Defense, to the intelligence community, to federal civilian agencies, we tackle the government’s most complex challenges through dynamic data fusion technologies that support real-time decision making. Your mission is our mission.


The Rook Platform™ unifies data from many systems across many networks regardless of data standards and requires no modification to existing systems.

The Rook Platform is the result of Praeses’ support from Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop capabilities based on the concepts of cross-domain and cross-organization data sharing. It is a series of distinct, highly adaptable capabilities that differentiate between data ingestion, data management, data access, data dissemination, and end-user tools that leverage the data. Rook Platform capabilities may be leveraged separately or as a whole, and seamlessly integrated into existing mission architectures.


Building on the Rook Platform, Praeses offers a menu of C2-centric capabilities that are configurable and re-deployable. Two of our best-known system builds are Watchtower and CURE.


Situational Awareness for Nuclear Security

Developed on behalf of U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command, Watchtower is a data fusion and visualization environment that automatically ingests data from across the mission space, fuses the data, and provides a user-defined common operating picture (COP) for ICBM missile fields.


At Malmstrom’s Wing Operations Center, Watchtower provides real-time situational analysis to wing leadership for responsive C2 across all missile field operations. It includes:

  • Weapon system telemetry

  • Power, comms and infrastructure monitoring

  • Maintenance history and planning

  • Perimeter sensors, convoy operations (radio, video, geo)

  • Weather, road conditions, routes

  • Highway cameras and sensors 

Command and Control for Urgent Response Environments (CURE)

C2 Solutions for Disaster Response

When a natural disaster strikes, the response is often a complex coordination among local authorities, national agencies, military assets, and volunteer organizations. Critical information is spread across systems on many networks and in various information repositories, which can result in response delays, miscommunication and non-collaboration.


In an effort sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Center for Rapid Innovation (CRI), Praeses developed CURE. It is a cloud-based data sharing ecosystem to enable Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA), or the coordination between DoD entities and other government organizations. CURE allows ad-hoc coalitions to:

  • Share real-time data across unintegrated systems

  • Perform impact analyses and develop courses of action

  • Execute command and control workflows

  • Provide situational awareness up to decision makers and down to responders in the field

Praeses approaches everything we do with precision. The same goes for our methodology. Our streamlined process has a proven track record for accomplishing our joint mission.


We begin by identifying and understanding target systems for integration. Through process and workflow reverse engineering, we determine their role and behaviors—pinpointing processes to be streamlined and reengineered through technology.

We then develop a technical architecture, security, and cross-domain strategy. Due to the highly complex nature of our work, Praeses typically follows a phased approach to implementation.


Our build process sets us apart. We blend agile methodologies with systems engineering rigor. We’re big believers in sharing our work with end users as development progresses and iterating together.

This is a highly collaborative process where new feature ideas emerge and evolve. The complex needs of our missions demand a high degree of agility.


Deployment takes on many forms. Whereas some C2 capabilities are put in the cloud, other deployments are more complicated, such as in cross-domain arenas.

Rook handles integration on the edge using an agent-driven approach, which allows for rapid and seamless integrations and scalability.


Rook may be deployed in multiple environments—fully unclassified, classified, cross-domain, and multi-domain.

Our team works directly with accreditation authorities to rapidly deploy new capabilities. We incorporate certification and accreditation (C&A) strategy into our technical architecture and make technical decisions that minimize C&A risks and streamline the approval process.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of the Rook Platform?

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