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SmartCAMA™ is a web-based assessor information management and computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) system designed for today’s tax assessor.

Our modern CAMA system takes the worry out of wondering if your Louisiana Tax Commission (LTC) export files will be compliant and approved upon first submission. Praeses takes CAMA to a whole new level with our flexible, intuitive, easy-to-use solution.

Key Benefits

Access everything you need in one place.

SmartCAMA combines assessment administration, CAMA, document management, images, and geographic information system (GIS) information into one seamless product, allowing you to optimize your daily operations.

Provide online access to taxpayers, including free and revenue-generating options.

SmartCAMA’s taxpayer portal offers users online access to assessment information. The portal supports free and paid user subscriptions and can be used to help you generate revenue for your jurisdiction.

Create consistency.

SmartCAMA ensures process consistency across appraisers, assessor office staff, and from one assessment to the next.

Work anywhere.

SmartCAMA is cloud-based software, so you have the ability to work from anywhere, such as at the office or on the road.

Meet the operational challenges of managing appraisal and assessment with SmartCAMA.

SmartCAMA Features

Louisiana Tax Commission (LTC) reports are automatically prepared using tables provided by the state. SmartCAMA calculates and creates all LTC-required reports.

Users can create, edit and track parcel information, including transfer history, legal description, parcel physical address, ward, district, taxing body districts, subdivision-phase-block-lot… and more.

Geographic information system (GIS) Integration enhances the user experience. Users can view property images, boundaries, parcel maps and more.

Flexible reporting allows you view and export the information you want, how you want. Reporting features allow users to build and generate lists and reports that identify exceptions, assessments and parcels missing key information, value changes, sales by type, and many more configurable settings.

Audit trail capabilities track every change made by users, as well as system or batch changes. SmartCAMA offers taxpayer self-service and allows assessors’ offices to provide rapid customer service for constituents that contact or come to the office.

SmartCAMA offers taxpayer self-service and allows assessors’ offices to provide rapid customer service for constituents that contact or come to the office.

Multiple security features allow assessors to protect data based on permissions, IP addresses, IP ranges, and other criteria to ensure data security. SmartCAMA’s cloud-based solution automatically manages security updates and patches.

Assessment Dashboard

On login, administrators can open their individualized version of SmartCAMA and manage how they use the tool. SmartCAMA allows multiple administrators with separate accounts and also allows the overall program manager to give each administrator access to features in the tool as needed. Inside the tool’s dashboard, each administrator can customize the look and function of SmartCAMA without the parameters of their administrative permissions.

Search Criteria

By setting up search criteria, administrators can find any assessment based on assessment number, location, last or business name, parcel mapping number, street address, or physical address. They can clear search criteria and begin again, or they can view the search history to learn if a search has already been done.

Once search results are shown, search criteria may be hidden so administrators can work directly with the results. A convenient left navigation bar links to sections like code descriptions, tax rolls, subdivisions, reports, and forms—where settings can be accessed so they can be viewed and edited.

Search Results

The search results window allows administrators to instantly view all taxes for an assessment—including assessed value, municipal tax, municipal mil, taxes excluded by homestead exemption, and total tax amount. Search results show all information about the property, such as name of owner, location, location code, and appraiser. If available, property images appear. When there are multiple assessments in the results, administrators can move between them using navigation tools on the page.

Assessment Details

Administrators can drill down further to view more details about the assessment and edit them. In this window, images can be added, and information added or edited. Tax items can be added or deleted as well. Parcels, legal docs, sales, and ownership can also be viewed and edited. A notes section at the top lets administrators add items like permit numbers.

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