Software Engineer (AMASS)


Praeses is a dynamic software and services company, offering solutions to customers in both the public and private sectors. With over three decades of IT experience, Praeses serves as a trusted technology advisor and as a technology product innovator. 

The Government Programs division focus on delivering better information to decision-makers in our nation’s toughest missions. Whether it be coordinating disaster response or AI-driven analysis automation, we take a visionary approach to solving hard problems and moving our nation forward. Our mission is simple – to support the missions of our customers through technology innovation. 


We are a team of technologists and researchers that work with government agencies, research labs, and academia on hard problems.  The kind of problems that have plagued organizations for years and have gone unsolved by traditional contracting companies. We dive head first into those problems, come up with the mad-scientist ideas that haven’t been tried before, and then make them a reality.  Our work is product-focused, with an eye to bring all our technologies to global markets.  Example initiatives include:

  • Real-time data sharing for Natural Disaster Response across organizations like FEMA, DoD, local jurisdictions, and volunteer groups
  • Automated analysis and modeling tools for software engineers
  • Modeling and Simulation software for avionics
  • Command Center modernization for military operations
  • AI analysis of radar, sensor, and video data
  • Smart hearing protection for soldiers that lets in voices and environment, but not ear-damaging gunfire
  • Mobile Situational Awareness for warfighters


Praeses will give you an opportunity to work with cutting edge technology and alongside some of the brightest people in the industry. The environment is energetic and fast-paced – we’re a bunch of nerds working on hard and exciting projects. Every engineer here has a voice in what we do and how we do it, and we’re all passionate about our work. We believe in collaboration and creating an open platform to share ideas. We are focused on your success and provide an environment designed to foster personal and professional growth. Our benefits are competitive, and our culture makes this both a fun and rewarding place to be.

Job Description

We are seeking software engineers to work on AMASS.  AMASS is an analysis automation tool targeted at modeling and simulation of aircraft and their capabilities.  As the size, scope, and complexity of interoperable systems increase, so too does the systems engineering challenge of understanding and managing them.  AMASS automates the development and analysis on loadouts of components and capabilities on air platforms, resource utilization and contention, and simulation outcomes.

The goal of AMASS is to:

  • Import target platforms, system components, interfaces, dependencies, and constraints.
  • Integrate and Model system and component models as a System of Systems
  • Analyze models to validate capabilities against constraints, measure Quality of Service across a large SoS, and perform advanced impact analysis.
  • Simulate large SoS and reimport the results of that simulation for additional analysis.
  • Export data, models, and reports on the results of simulation and analysis.
  • Integrate test flight data into models and validate simulation results
  • Provide a digital thread Ecosystem that will integrate with tools and data across the domain to provide an end-to-end traceable linkage.

Key Technologies on the program include:

  • Kotlin / Java
  • Neo4J
  • Semantic Web
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • Mitrhil.js

This individual will be responsible for the following:

  • Act as a key contributor and help drive the product vision
  • Architect solutions and solve large, complex problems
  • Actively participate in code development across the entire stack
  • Help apply the right technologies to problems in a dynamic environment and deliver shippable results
  • A holistic view of planning, developing, delivering, and supporting critical systems through tools and processes like Agile, systems engineering methodologies, continuous integration pipelines, and continuous monitoring
  • Provide mentorship to junior developers

Required Qualifications

  • Experience with multiple database paradigms, software languages, and frameworks
  • 5+ years’ experience in end to end software development/engineering in multiple software languages
  • 2+ years’ experience in scalable software system design/architecture
  • Strong experience with Agile software development methodologies 
  • Willingness to learn new languages and technologies
  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Motivated by solving challenging problems and continuously learning
  • Work well in an ever-changing, exploratory environment
  • U.S. Citizenship required

Desired Qualifications

Experience with modeling and simulation, avionics, or sensor data highly desired

Praeses develops customized software solutions and analytics-backed services to solve workplace challenges for industry, government agencies, and correctional facilities. We provide innovative thinking and an unwavering commitment to customer service.


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