Bring Us Chaos and Stress,
We’ll Give You Solutions.

Praeses serves customers who need rapid and accurate insights from complex data in demanding situations. We design solutions that leverage AI to fuse data into visualizations that empower your decision making.

Our proven technologies offer a foundation for cost efficient, customer-centric solutions. We help customers handle challenges such as situational awareness for nuclear weapons, crisis response to natural disasters, the accuracy of property assessments, and ensuring security within correctional facilities. Our engineers are inspired by difficult challenges – the messier the data and the more critical the situation, the more valuable our expertise becomes.

Visualizing Complicated Datasets
to See Through the Fog of War.

Watchtower helps manage nuclear enterprise preparedness for the United States Air Force. It supports critical decisions by Missile Field Operators at the USAF with data visualization and fusion engines – securely and in real time.

By ingesting and fusing classified and unclassified data such as crew and cargo assets, vehicle readiness, troop locations, weather, road conditions, and real time video streams, Watchtower brings thousands of data elements together into a custom, secure and unified view that accelerates the speed at which critical decisions are made.

Itʼs called the “fog of war” for a reason; clear the fog in your business with Watchtower.

Because Assessors
Need to Get It Right, Right Now.

Property assessors seek to provide constituents with accurate and transparent valuations while facing incredible challenges with outdated systems, complex datasets and manual processes. Their goal is to get it right knowing full well that their work will go into a cauldron of intense scrutiny.

Enter SmartCAMA. Created by assessors for assessors to ensure property valuations are accurate, timely, and securely accessible via the cloud. SmartCAMA is built on Praesesʼ best-in-class data management tools to provide custom workflows and flexible reporting that support assessors as they address the demands of different stakeholders who look at the results with multiple agendas.

SmartCAMA: supporting assessors with modern technology solutions that are cost effective and customer-centric.